Fintech og Sky City

Det skjer mye i Hong Kong av interesse for norske firmaer, og vi presenterer her to artikler som vi håper kan være av interesse:

  • Fin Tech: Hong Kongs unike posisjon for finansielle tjenester
  • Sky City: den nye byen som planlegges i tilknytning til Hong Kongs internasjonale flyplass

The First Hong Kong FinTech Week

InvestHK turns the spotlight on the city as Asia’s FinTech hub by launching the first Hong Kong FinTech Week on 7-11 November. The Week provides a perfect demonstration of how global FinTech trends meet Hong Kong’s unique advantages.

Hong Kong is quickly positioning itself as one of the key FinTech hubs globally. With the presence of more than 70 banks in the city, a deep talent pool of over 200,000 professionals with profound knowledge of financial services, as well as its world- class infrastructure on information and communications, the city has what it takes to become a worldwide hub for FinTech.
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Airport Authority Unveils SKYCITY Plan — Mega Integrated Development Set to become a new Destination

Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) plans to develop SKYCITY, a major integrated development situated just a short stroll from Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), with a strategy to expand and transform HKIA into an airport city — a new paradigm for leading airports in the 21st century

Driven by a vision to create a unique new destination for Hong Kong and further strengthen HKIA’s position as an international aviation hub, SKYCITY will feature retail complexes, entertainment facilities, dining space, hotels and office towers on approximately 25 hectares of land at the north of the airport island.
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Nyttårsseminar i anledning det kinesiske nyttåret

Vårt årlige seminar og mottagelse i anledning det kinesiske nyttåret ”The Year of the Rooster” – hanens år – blir holdt på Hotel Continental, tirsdag den 24. januar kl 17:00 - 21:00.
Vennligst noter datoen.
Invitasjon og program vil bli sendt ut i begynnelsen av januar 2017.

Egil Hagen
Sekretær NHKCC

Hong Kong: verdens mest åpne økonomi med stor konkurransekraft

Tax Cuts Benefit Corporate Treasuries: Hong Kong has further strengthened its financial competitiveness with new tax breaks for business.

NormanChan1 476583New tax rules, introduced in June, make Hong Kong more attractive for multinational corporations and Chinese mainland enterprises to set up headquarters and treasury functions in the city.

The key benefits, as outlined in a briefing by accounting network Grant Thornton, are substantial tax concessions. “Analysts believe that the move is a timely one in reinforcing Hong Kong’s credentials as a hub for corporate treasury centres (CTCs), at a time when many mainland Chinese companies are expanding overseas,” noted Grant Thornton.

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Internet of Things - Hong Kong Means Business

Les om hva Hong Kong gjør og tenker rundt Smart Cities: 

The Internet of Things holds the promise of creating trillions of dollars in value with the emergence of smart homes and smart cities.

Connected living is the next frontier in today’s digital society. With four billion smartphones projected to be in use by 2021, and another two billion devices linked to the Internet, research firm Euromonitor expects the smart home to be at the heart of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Loo Wee Teck, Euromonitor International’s Head of Global Consumer Electronics Research, estimates that 56 per cent of household air-conditioners and 46 per cent of washing machines will be connected to the Internet. The vast potential of the market is clear when one considers the 2.2 billion households worldwide are expected to have an average of three connected devices or appliances.

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