Invitasjon til Kinesisk Nyttår, onsdag 5. februar 2020

ChineseNYE FINAL 2019 NORWAY2 Rityta 1

Sett av onsdag 5 februar 2020 kl 1700 - 2100!  

Da feirer vi Kinesisk Nyttår og «Rottens år».
Sted:  Teatersalen, Hotel Continental.
Ms Winky So, som er ny General Director for Hong Kong ETO  i London og William Chui, Regional Director Europa, HKTDC Frankfurt vil delta denne dagen.
Dessuten kommer Ståle Ytterdal, fra Nordic Semiconductor Oslo & Hong Kong, samt Mikkel Alm fra Power Norge AS, til å ha innlegg.
Fra kl 1900 og utover blir det den tradisjonelle mottagelsen til ære for «Rottens år».

Invitasjon til førjulsmiddag på restaurant Golden Mountain

Styret i Norge - Hong Kong Handelskammer og Norsk Asiatisk Forening har gleden av å invitere til vår årlige førjulsmiddag på Restaurant Golden Mountain.

Dato: Torsdag 28. november 2019
Klokkeslett: 18:00
Sted: Restaurant Golden Mountain, Fridjof Nansens plass 4

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Påmelding innen 25.11 til Bjørg Juriks This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., mobil 48400546

Update from Hong Kong

We received the following letter from Kasper Ng, Deputy Director-General Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London:

You might already have learned about the recent disruption to the services of the Hong Kong International Airport, and we are aware that many of our friends around the world are concerned about the situation in Hong Kong, wondering if we remain one of the safest place to visit. 

We would like to re-assure you that the government is taking actions to resolutely restore airport operation, and we together with the business sector as well as the community at large are providing necessary assistance to affected visitors. 

To ensure smooth operation of the airport, the Airport Authority Hong Kong has obtained an interim injunction to restrain persons from unlawfully and willfully obstructing or interfering with the proper use of the airport, whilst lawful demonstrations and protests might be staged in the area designated by the Authority.  We also understand that travel agents, hotels and business organisations are providing advice and making arrangements to minimise any possible disruptions to visitors.  For instance, the Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners is organising some of its members’ hotels to provide free rooms for a day or two to hotel guests who are stranded in city urban hotels due to flight cancellation. 

Hong Kong remains a welcoming city as we navigate through the challenging time and we all stand ready to welcome and assist our friends from all over the world to Hong Kong any time.   

To obtain further information about the latest situation in Hong Kong, you may also visit the following website - 

Your long-term friendship with Hong Kong is deeply appreciated and we look forward to your continued support to us.  You are welcome to contact us for further information and assistance. 


The Captain's Table

Captains tableTo further promote Hong Kong as an international maritime centre and startup hub, Invest Hong Kong are sponsoring a global startup competition, “The Captain’s Table”, launched by the Young Professionals in Shipping Network (YPSNHK).

YPSN is currently inviting applicants or startups to submit innovative ideas in five main areas: Platform and Software as a service, Deeptech, Fintech & Insuretech, Education and Environment and Sustainability. The entries will be shortlisted with the five best ideas being presented at a live final where they will compete to win a seat at The Captain’s Table. The live final will be held in Hong Kong at the Asia Society during Hong Kong Maritime Week on Tuesday 19 November 2019.

The purpose of this competition is to provide an alternative platform for young innovators to connect with the industry and showcase their ideas and, also a chance, for investors to discover the 'next big idea(s)'. Startups will have the chance to pitch their idea on an international stage, with direct access to investors, mentors, and industry leaders, as well as cash prizes of USD25,000. Entries close 31 July 2019.

We'd be grateful if you could disseminate this competition to your network especially those businesses / startups you know of involved in the five main areas. For further questions please contact Ms Tabitha Logan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Richard Chiu
Nordic Consultant
Invest Hong Kong
Tel: +47 909 81 404
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.