Viktige sitater fra foredragene til Ms Winky So og Stephen Phillips under vårt frokostseminar 04.03.20 i samarbeide med Invest Hong Kong

  • «There are unpresidented challenges facting the world” Winky So
  • “Tensions from multiple areas all erupted at the same time” Winky So
  • “Recognized as a strong financial center, but a part from that we have a very robust policy framework, a purden macroeconomic policy, abundance of professionals and the HK Spirit” Winky So
  • “We should not panic” Winky So
  • “HK measures the temperature of departing passengers because we are fighting this battle together. We want to make sure we do our part to fight this virus” Winky So
  • “It is not business as usual, but we are still the global financial centre and the regional trading hub” Winky So
  • “We plan to issue green bond totaling 80 billion over the coming years” Winky So
  • “We are fighting the virus, but we have not lost sight of our fundamental challenges” Winky So
  • “US-China tensions have had a much larger impact on the Hong Kong economy than the protests, but perhaps not the virus” Stephen Phillips, Director-General of Investment Promotion
  • “US-China issues remain the biggest questions mark for business in Hong Kong” Stephen Phillips, Director-General of Investment Promotion
  • “We Might see two technology ecosystems emerge, one US-centric and one China-centric” Stephen Phillips, Director-General of Investment Promotion
  • “Hong Kong fundamentals remain strong. Hong Kong has proximity to the market, the benefits of one-country-two-systems and a business friendly government with small regulations” Stephen Phillips, Director-General of Investment Promotion

Viktig informasjon om kampen mot coronaviruset i Hong Kong

The HKSAR government has announced a series of special measures to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus in HK over these two days.   I thought it might be helpful to have them in one place for your ease of reference.   

2. Our Chief Executive just announced today these further measures to minimize the risk related to the cross-boundary traffic between HK and the Mainland: 

- Mainland authorities will suspend the issue of new permits under the Individual Visits Scheme until further notice 
- Cross-boundary rail services suspended for Express Rail Link and Inter-city through-trains from Jan 30 
- Reduce flights from the Mainland by half from Jan 30 
- Suspend cross-boundary ferry services from China Ferry Terminal and Tuen Mun from Jan 30 (limited services to/from Macao will continue) 
- Suspend cross-boundary bus services on HK-Z-Macao Bridge and via Sha Tau Kok from Jan 30 
- Suspend passenger clearance services at West Kowloon XRL Station, Hung Hom station, China Ferry Terminal, Tuen Mun ferry terminal and the land crossings at Sha Tau Kok and Man Kam To from Jan 30 

3. Below are certain government arrangements already in place to keep the public informed and to minimize the risk of the spread of novel coronavirus in the community.   Also included is the announcement on the plan for the stock, futures and derivatives markets of Hong Kong to trade as normal tomorrow: 

CHP announce latest situation on imported cases of novel coronavirus infection 
- 8 imported cases (same as the day before - all in quarantine/isolation) 
- Contact tracing carried out: 97 people identified (95 under medical surveillance, 2 in isolation in hospital) 

Special work arrangement for Government departments 
- Civil servants to work from home if not involved in provision of emergency/essential services (tentatively till 2 Feb) 
- Private sector urged to make similar arrangements if possible 

Special arrangement for postal services - post office counter services, mail delivery, mail collection from posting boxes suspended until Feb 2 

Government appeals to employers to make special work arrangement to reduce the risk of the spread of the novel coronavirus in the community 

The stock, futures and derivatives markets of Hong Kong will trade as normal on Jan 29 

Transport Department public services suspended (driver's licences, international licences, driving tests etc) 

Education Bureau rejects false rumour re: extended dates of return to school 

Temporary closure of LCSD facilities from Jan 28 
- Closed until further notice: All sports centres, sports grounds, grass pitches, artificial turf soccer pitches, tennis courts, squash courts, bowling greens, golf facilities, public swimming pools, beaches, Tuen Mun Recreation and Sports Centre, water sports centres and holiday camps. Cultural facilities include all museums, performance venues, public libraries and their study rooms, mobile libraries, and music centres of the Music Office. 

Government response to media enquiries 
- Rejection of rumour re: "use of Hong Kong's medical system to help the country tackle the disease"

Fordeler ved medlemskap i Norge-Hong Kong Handelskammer

i) Special privileges when travelling abroad
Members can enjoy a wide range of privileges relating to travel, entertainment, dining and shopping in Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam, including 15% off of Admission Ticket and restaurants at Ocean Park Hong Kong; special room rates at Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok and many more. For details, please click here: Membership Benefits.

ii) The Associates Directory
Simply click on Associates Directory to connect with potential business partners across the world.

iii) Market Intelligence
Gain access to latest market intelligence on Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, and international markets news including Belt and Road initiatives, Greater Bay Area development and Young Entrepreneurship. Please find details here

iv) Launching e-membership card
For the sake of convenience and environmental friendliness, the traditional physical cards would be replaced by e-membership cards. Simply present e-membership cards using mobile devices and enjoy all the above exclusive benefits on the go. 

E-Membership Card Sample as below:

membership card

We will issue the e-membership cards for registered Federation members to all BA secretariats / co-ordinators by late February / March 2020. The e-membership cards will be valid till 31 January 2021.

For any enquiries, please feel free to contact the Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

We wish you a prosperous Chinese New Year!
Best regards,

Irene Hau
Federation Secretary

Update from Hong Kong

We received the following letter from Kasper Ng, Deputy Director-General Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London:

You might already have learned about the recent disruption to the services of the Hong Kong International Airport, and we are aware that many of our friends around the world are concerned about the situation in Hong Kong, wondering if we remain one of the safest place to visit. 

We would like to re-assure you that the government is taking actions to resolutely restore airport operation, and we together with the business sector as well as the community at large are providing necessary assistance to affected visitors. 

To ensure smooth operation of the airport, the Airport Authority Hong Kong has obtained an interim injunction to restrain persons from unlawfully and willfully obstructing or interfering with the proper use of the airport, whilst lawful demonstrations and protests might be staged in the area designated by the Authority.  We also understand that travel agents, hotels and business organisations are providing advice and making arrangements to minimise any possible disruptions to visitors.  For instance, the Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners is organising some of its members’ hotels to provide free rooms for a day or two to hotel guests who are stranded in city urban hotels due to flight cancellation. 

Hong Kong remains a welcoming city as we navigate through the challenging time and we all stand ready to welcome and assist our friends from all over the world to Hong Kong any time.   

To obtain further information about the latest situation in Hong Kong, you may also visit the following website - 

Your long-term friendship with Hong Kong is deeply appreciated and we look forward to your continued support to us.  You are welcome to contact us for further information and assistance. 


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