Hong Kong viktig Hub for Chinas Belt and Road satsing

Kina lanserte i 2013 megaprosjektet ”One Belt One Road” : en satsing på minst 40 milliarder US dollar for å bygge en ny ”silkevei” en enorm insfrastruktur utbygging som vil gå til 60 utvalgte markeder i Asia og Europa. Se artikkelen nedfor om omfanget av dennes satsingen:

Chinese Enterprises Capturing Belt and Road Opportunities via Hong Kong: Findings of Surveys in South China

China has now risen to become the world’s second largest source of outward foreign direct investment (FDI). Further, its investment outflow has already exceeded foreign capital inflow, making it a net capital exporter[1]. This rapid growth in outbound direct investment could be attributed to the country’s current drive to implement the Belt and Road Initiative. This encourages increasing numbers of enterprises to engage in trade and investment activities with countries along the Belt and Road routes. Les hele artikkelen HER.