RDC Hong Kong: strengths and weaknesses

From HKTDC Research, 30 October 2013

competitivenessfactors 460232In assessing the competitiveness of four selected regional distribution centre (RDC) locations - Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Shenzhen - a questionnaire survey was conducted.

Overall, 396 out of a total of 425 responding logistics service providers (LSPs) and cargo owners (COs) rated Hong Kong, an attempt ratio of 93%. In the stand-alone question on the overall competiveness of Hong Kong as an RDC, it received an average rating of 6.51 out of the nine-point scale on Hong Kong. There are many factors bolstering Hong Kong's competitiveness as an RDC. Among the more important ones, respondents picked the legal system (7.6), public infrastructure (7.3), connectivity and connections (7.4) and support services. Hong Kong is less competitive in total costs (4.4), below the mid-point of the nine-point scale. Total costs include land and rental cost, labour cost and operating cost (separate ratings of each of the three cost components was sought but are not shown in the figure).
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