Breakfast seminar on China/Hong Kong –language and business culture

Excellent breakfast seminar on China/Hong Kong – language and business culture in cooperation with Virke and Educate AS
07 October 2014

Breakfast seminar on China/Hong Kong – language and business cultureThe breakfast seminar was met with great interest from the packed conference room at Virke, Tuesday morning 7.10.

Leif Schwabe gave the participants excellent pieces of advice from his wide experience from more than 60 visits to the Canton /Guangzhou Fair on how to behave on a business trip to China/Hong Kong. He stressed the importance of building a network and to “show face” and be patient.

Chenyu Dong from Ecucate AS gave a most useful insight into the drinking culture in China: “Drinks serve as a vital tool to good “guanxo” she said.

“Learn Chinese in 15 minutes” was a most impressing and times funny exercise of Award winning university lecturer Chieh-Ting Lin.
“How to build a better relationship with Facebook marketing“ by Thomas Moen, a most interesting look into the opportunities that marketing through Facebook could provide companies that use this tool.
Julie Borselius, Nordic manager for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Stockholm gave us a most useful update of the latest development in Hong Kong in view of the recent demonstrations. She also gave us the main differences between Hong Kong and Chinese business culture which is a combination of Eastern and Western business culture.