Strong message of Hong Kong business advantages

2014-11-GeneralAt a round table meeting with Associate Director General Andrew Davis of Invest Hong Kong at Oslo Chamber of Commerce Monday November 17, he pointed out the very clear business advantages of establishing your company in Hong Kong. Among the most evident advantages are:

  • Excellent connections and travel facilities, more than 1000 daily flights internationally
  • Gateway to Mainland China, largest logistics centre in Asia together with Singapore and Shanghai.
  • Hong Kong’s advantage through “One country two systems”: customs free access to Mainland China.
  • 15 % personal tax and 16,5 % corporate tax
  • Human capital: some of the best universities in the world
  • Best place to start new business – for the last 20 years.
  • Western business culture – no corruption tolerance
  • Respect for law and order – CSR – IPR

Click HERE to read the presentation (PDF file, 3.6 MB).