Webinar: Taking advantage of Hong Kong’s Business Environment

Obtaining market information is one of the key strategies to enter Hong Kong market.

Instead of travelling physically to different venues, you may wish to attend webinar. Koehler Group periodically holds webinars providing you market intelligence about doing business in Hong Kong and China. The coming webinar series ‘Taking advantage of Hong Kong’s Business Environment’ will be held on 22nd – 26th May 2017. Topics include:

  1. Case Studies of Successful Companies in Hong Kong - Trading goods to and from China (22 May)
  2. Compliance Regulations in Hong Kong: Securing your Investment (23 May)
  3. Challenges for Employment in Hong Kong (24 May)
  4. Automatic Exchange of Information - Implications for Hong Kong Businesses (25 May)
  5. A Guide to achieving Profits Tax Exemption in Hong Kong (26 May)
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