Hong Kongs statsminister presenterer regjeringens satsningsområder

Hong Kongs statsminister, (Chief Executive) Ms. Carrie Lam presenterte den 10.10. sin regjerings satsingsområder i tiden fremover. Den vil fokusere på økonomisk utvikling, boligbygging, arbeidsmarked og velferd samt helse.Vi gjengir hovedpunktene i hennes ”policy address” til Hong Kongs parlament :

The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Mrs Carrie Lam, delivered her second Policy Address at the Legislative Council on 10 October 2018.

Titled “Striving Ahead, Rekindling Hope”, this year’s Policy Address emphasised the Chief Executive’s unswerving determination in leading Hong Kong to strive forward, and has unveiled over 240 new initiatives which cover such areas asgood governance, housing and land, diversified economy, nurturing talent, improving people’s livelihood, creating a liveable city and connecting with young people.

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